Do's and Donn't for Ionic Detox  


The Ionic Detox is not for everyone. Below is a checklist of conditions/medications restricting

people with the following issues from scheduling ionic detox footbath sessions:

  • People on Coumidin-a blood thinner.

  • People with pacemakers or defribililators.

  • People with diabetic neuropathy.

  • People taking psychotropic medications for manic depression, schizophrenia or severe depression.

  • Pregnant or lactating.

  • People with colectomies (entire colon has been removed).

  • People who have had transplants such as kidney, heart or lung and are still taking medications required to maintain good health.

* The ionCleanse® session may reduce the amount of medication taken, therefore, timing your session is important.

Ask about how we can determine the best time for your sessions if you are insulin dependent, or on high-blood pressure medication.

  • It is best not to bathe pregnant and lactating women because the IonCleanse® will pull toxins out of tissues and fat. -Note: Pregnant and lactating women have used the IonCleanse® without harm, but we recommend client wait until they have terminated lactation.

  • As a general rule, clients on dialysis, taking insulin, or experiencing congestive heart failure may use ionCleanse®. Gentle detoxification will help the body to eliminate the toxins that the kidney and heart cannot eliminate on their own and will not interfere with medications or deplete insulin levels. Check with your doctor or ionCleanse® practitioner for more information.

  • People who have completed chemotherapy treatments would benefit greatly from ionCleanse in conjunction with a good nutritional program.

  • People with metal joint implants have used ionCleanse® and have benefited greatly to minimize inflammation that builds up around implants. However, if the client should feel uncomfortable, treatment is stopped immediately.

  • The ionCleanse® body purification system is safe and effective. It has been approved, licensed and certified by the EU, FCC, and ECC.

The IonCleanse® is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or ailment.