Benefits may include:

  • Headaches and Migraine Relief

  • Lessens level of muscle and joint pain 

  • Decrease in built-up effects from Chronic Pain, by interrupting pain pathways 
  • Assistance with Digestive issues

  • Improve the effects of G.E.R.D.

  • Improve Blood Circulation, nourishment of cells and nerve tissue

  • Regulation of body functions and cycles via  Endocrine System supporting the balance of hormones

  • P.M.S. and Menopausal Relief

  • Assistance with Fertility Issues

  • Reduce the body's reliance on drugs and artificial stimulation

  • Improve function of Lymphatic and Immune System

  • Improved Sleep Pattern

  • Improved symptoms of Fatigue

  • Stress and Tension Relief

  • Induced Relaxation

What to Expect During a Session

Reflexology sessions are done with clients fully clothed, removing only their shoes and socks.  Prior to the session, a health history is obtained and during the session, as the client is lying in a reclined position, we look for temperature changes, tension, tenderness and deposits. When any "abnormalities" are found, the objective is to work out the dysfunction through a variety of hand techniques that are designed to help the body to "normalize function." This is not to suggest that reflexology is a cure-all; however, the reflex points of the feet share an accurate depiction of what is going on in the body, and the session can contribute to the client's health and wellness.

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