What are Ionic Detox Footbaths?

IonCleanse® foot bath is an accelerated detoxification process. It is a pleasant, non-invasive way for most people to detoxify the body. As your feet soak in a tub of warm water, the computerized ionCleanse® unit runs through its alternating cycles generating millions of neutralizing ions that will be introduced to your body through this therapeutic, balancing footbath. After being absorbed, the ions get to work drawing toxic wastes back out into the water. While relaxing, soon the water begins to change color and consistency-from orange, brown, and green through to black-due to the release of toxic substances from the more than 2000 pores of the soles of each foot. There may even be lymphatic fat or mucous floating on the water.


Because our bodies have accumulated toxins since birth, the suggested 7 session treatment plan will help your body cleanse layer after layer of accumulated toxins. With each session, the water may look different depending on what toxins are present in the body and what part the body will release toxins during the session. The color of the water at the end of the 20-25 minute session may indicate which organs have been cleansed. In addition, though colorless, urea, creatinine and glucose have also been found in the

How The IonCleanse® Works


The IonCleanse® unit is a powerful tool used to aid in total body purification. AC electricity is converted to low power DC electricity which flows through a patented electrode system that sits in the footbath. The electricity and the metal combine to safely split the water molecule into H+ and OH- ions. As the power is drawn from the control unit, ions are created in the water. Ions are atoms or molecules that are carrying either a positive or negative charge. These ions travel through the body, neutralize oppositely charged particles and through powerful osmotic pressure pull those neutralized particles out of the body through whatever skin surface is in contact with the water.


The IonCleanse® is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease or ailment.